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Asus X58 Rampage III Extreme Motherboard Review

If you’re in the market for an X58 motherboard, there are plenty of options available. A quick search fetches countless results that fill a wide range of price points. Budget conscious enthusiasts looking to save some scratch will be happy to find that almost every motherboard maker offers an X58 model under $200. On the other end of the spectrum, companies offer performance enthusiasts and overclockers a number of products that cater to pushing the performance envelope that often manifests itself while attempting to break world records.

Asus provides seriou Toms Shoes Outlet s hardware enthusiasts an excellent shot Toms Shoes Outlet of achieving their goals with the Rampage III Extreme X58 motherboard. As the flagship model from the Republic of Gamers product line, it comes with almost every possible feature you could ask for. With an LGA1366 socket, it supports the latest Core i7 processors, providing six DIMM slots that can house up to 24GB of memory. Enough PCI Express 2.0 expansion slots are available for Tri SLI or Quad CrossFire configurations, allowing you the capability to maximize your system’s pixel pushing power. Note the RIIE has an extended ATX form factor (12″ x 10.6″) which makes it about an inch wider than standard ATX.

We agree $379 is a lot to pay for a motherboard. Interestingly enough, the Rampage III Extreme isn’t even close to being the most expensive board on the market. Gigabyte’s X58A UD9 sells for a whopping $699, while EVGA’s dual socket SR 2 retails at $599. Looking at those prices makes Rampage III Extreme’s asking price just a bit easier to swallow. But if you’re the type of consumer who has never spent hours tweaking your BIOS settings or even thought about insulating your motherboard to prevent condensation from subzero cooling, perhaps these products aren’t designed for you. Yes, the performance capability offered by the Rampage III Extreme comes at a cost, but its nothing new for benchmark junkies that are willing to pay extra for top of the line parts.

Before we get to the performance numbers, let’s take a closer look at the features of RIIE on the following page.

Yes, this version is about refinement and more features. An X58 chipset is an X58 pretty much, at least when you talking about boards in the class of manufacturer that Asus is.

No doubt this board is an OC dream as well as the AMD version, and everytime Asus opens a new bag of tricks I Toms Shoes Outlet just start slobbering at the thought of going out and getting one. But seeing how I am limit Toms Shoes Outlet ed financially I have to go for something a little more to the middle of Asus product line which is fine because Asus has that covered to ! I,ve got my eye on another board already but right now Im going to see how far my current board the M4A79DT will take me with the new bios updates I can go for the BE965 which I intend on doing and play around with some new ram perhaps some G Skill or OCZ and make good use of this board. I,ll just have to let the big boys with deep pockets play with the upper end toys. It appears that Asus has an bios update also for 6 core 1090 who nows how far this board will go. On the other hand my next board will probably be this Asus addition below!.