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Toms Shoes Outlet ASUS V8200 Deluxe GeForce3

ASUS V8200 Deluxe GeForce3

ASUSTeK (yes, that’s their real name) is one of the top motherboard manufacturers as many of you already know. They are known for quality, stability, and speed all rolled up into one package. They are known for some very popular motherboards such as the Asus P4T and VIA KT266 series and even their Intel 440BX series of motherboards. They also have other niches apart from their mainboard business, which include among other things, Video Cards. You may own or have heard of some of their previous offerings, including their very popular Asus V7xxx series of GeForce2 and GeForce2 MX cards. In fact, they have been making video cards based on other chipsets since even before the S3 Virge! Way back into the S3 Trio64 and ATI 264CT 2D graphics cards days! So there was plenty of experience and history going into their next “Enthusiast Level Graphics Card”, the Asus V8200 GeForce3 Deluxe. This is it here guys, the cream of the crop, the absolute highest end that Asus has to offer on the video card front. This puppy is loaded, and I mean loaded: GeForce3, 64MB DDR SDRAM, Video In, Video Out, VR Glasses, Video Capture, and Software Galore. All of which we will take a deep look at in our fifth GeForce3 based card to be reviewed here on the [H].

Looking at the first picture, the box, it’s just your standard Asus box here. Nothing too fancy about it, except for the fact that it is loaded with graphics and text meant to really show off the great features of the GeForce3, plus all of the software included within the box Toms Shoes Outlet . From the outside it may not look like you are getting much, just a regular video card, but once you open her up you will find much more than empty cardboard with an anti static bag tucked inside. In our second picture there is a good shot of the front of the video card, right off the bat even from this picture I’m sure you first noticed the big golden heatsink. We will get to this in a second. In our third pic is the back of the card, pretty sparse here, nothing much to look at, very clean. From a distance, and even sort of up close, the PCB appears black. However, if you shine a light directly on the PCB and look at it, it’s more of a very dark brown color, but in normal lighting and distance it does appear black.

All right, let’s get straight to that heatsink, since I’m sure many of you are drooling over it already. This heatsink fan combo is known as an All In One Heatsink + RAM Sink + FAN combo. Basically it’s one large heatsink that is fit over the core plus extended out to cover the RAM instead of having separate RAM sinks. Obviously this gives much more surface area to the heatsink, having the potential for it to capture more heat (if seated and ‘thermal pasted’ on correctly) then separate heatsinks. This heatsink combo is definitely more robust than other GeForce3 units I have tested. Mainly the Gainward and Morpheus GeForce3’s, they have an Orb type of HSF for the Core and separate larger RAM Sinks. The Morpheus in particular has larger RAM Sinks than the Gainward card, but the Asus’ RAM Sink extensions are larger than the Gainward’s RAM Sinks, but not as big as the Morpheus’ so they are in the middle depth wise. The depth of the heatsink that is over the core part is about the same as the Gainward and Morpheus. However, the fan on the Asus card is a tad smaller than that used on the Gainward and Morpheus GF3. How this all effects overclocking we will find out later 😉

In our first picture here we have a close up of the version number on the Asus GF3 Deluxe card. It reads “V8200/64M(TVR)”. I’m assuming the TV part is referring to the Video In and Out and the “R” or “VR” part so to speak is referring to the VR Glasses feature. In the second pic are the ports on this card, and it’s got plenty of them. From left to right: VR Glasses Connector, S Video In, VGA, S Video Out, Composite Out. It’s got everything! TV Out in S Video or Composite, and S Video In only via S Video. If you think about it, though, if you are goin Toms Shoes Outlet g to capture video you would want it in S Video for better image quality. And Toms Shoes Outlet of course we have the standard VGA and VR Glasses connector. The only thing it’s missing is a DVI port, though there really isn’t any room left on the card, so it would have to be supported via daughter card or some other means which would make it more costly.

Now to our software package, which it has NO shortcomings in! This is the most software I’ve seen packaged with a GeForce3 to date. In the first pic we have the Asus driver CD, S Video and Composite Cables, a complete V8200 Series Manual, and I mean complete, and a Q Toms Shoes Outlet uick Installation Quide, as well as the VR Glasses. In the second pic we have the meat of the software: Ulead Video Studio, Sacrifice, Messiah, Asus DVD 2000, 3Deep, Star Trek New Worlds, and Video Live Mail 4. Is that complete or what? In the third pic I have a close up of the VR Glasses.