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Toms Shoes Outlet Assessing and Assuring Graduat

Assessing and Assuring Graduate Learning Outcomes

Principles and practices within and across disciplines

The Assessing and Assuring Graduate Learning Outcomes project, funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Counci Toms Shoes Outlet Toms Shoes Outlet trong>l (ALTC) in 2011 2012 and undertaken by The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland and RMIT University will bring together the various stakeholder perspectives in Australia and internationally, around their shared need for student assessment in universities to deliver convincing evidence to relevant stakeholder groups of achievement of Toms Shoes Outlet stated learning outcomes for graduates. The outcomes of this project will assist academics to design better assessment tasks and assure the quality of assessment judgements at the course and program level.

The study will use a highly consultative, appreciative inquiry approach that builds on previous projects on Graduate Attributes and continues the productive conversations initiated by the ALTC Learning and Teaching Academic Standards (LTAS) project and subsequent activity already taking place among disciplinary communities. It will incorporate insights from Australian and international research and practice on graduate attributes. The project will focus on identifying how assessment can provide convincing evidence of achievement of graduate learning outcomes and will explore the breadth and depth of assessment strategies and approaches to the assurance of ass Toms Shoes Outlet essment quality.

A key objective of the project is to raise awareness and to organise active participation in debates concerning the standards agenda by establishing productive dialogue among key stakeholder groups. The project team will invite participation from Australian and international universities and higher education associations, the LTAS project groups, Professional Associations, past and present students, and other groups identified by the project Reference Group.

There are several projects and fellowships, some discipline specific and some generic, that have strong connections to the AAGLO project. More information about the complementary nature of these projects is available here.