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Toms Shoes Attleborough charity shop sign

Attleborough charity shop signs up to recycle scheme to help Feline Care

The Feline Care shop in Exchange Street has signed up Toms Shoes to the Coffee Packaging Brigade, which aims to save coffee pack Toms Shoes aging waste from landfill and 2p from every piece of waste will go to the cat rescue centre near East Harling.

Attleborough is one of the first locations to join the scheme set up by Kenco and TerraCycle, which has established a collection box for local people to drop off all brands of coffee packaging waste.

The majority of coffee packaging waste normally ends up in landfill as local councils simply do not have the infrastructure to recycle mixed plastics. The recyclable material can be used to make generic plastic products such as park benches, watering cans and waste bins.

Local volunteer Keith Bigland, 45 who collects with Te Toms Shoes > Toms Shoes rraCycle on a number of other waste packaging collection programmes, arranged for a box to be located at the Feline Care charity shop in Attleborough and people can drop off their coffee refill bags, bean bags, sachets and coffee jar lids between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday.

He said: “All the money raised will go to Feline Care, which the charity plans to use towards their trap, neuter and return programme for the control of cats on local farms, industrial areas and wherever feral cats are present.”

“We encourage local people to drop off all their coffee packaging waste and tell all their friends and family to do the same. The aim is to not only save as much coffee packaging waste from landfill as possible but also to support the local cat rescue centre.”