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Toms Shoes Attendance and conduct at exam

Attendance and conduct at examinations

Student ID cards

All students MUST present a current UQ student ID card to gain entry into an examination room. Failure to present your student ID card at an examination is a breach of General Award Rule 1A.5.2A, and you will be refused entry into the examination room. Your UQ student ID card is to be displayed throughout the examination. If you do not have your student ID card, you should go to the Student Centre before your examination commences.

You should contact the Course C Toms Shoes oordinator to verify what materials will be permitted in the examination room. Examination supervisors will be aware of specific mater Toms Shoes ials allowable for each examination. Please ensure your calculator complies with this type of calculator. The security of these items cannot be guaranteed. Mobile telephones must be switched off in and around exam venues. They may not be set to silent mode. Mobile telephones found to be turned on during an examination will be confiscated for the duration of the examination.

Food and drink in examinations

Food is not permitted in the examination room. You should have your student ID card in hand, ready to present at the door. Once you enter the examination room you should proceed directly to your seat in silence and follow all instructions given by examination supervisor/s. Do not commence writing or complete any forms or exam materials until instructed to do so.

Late arrival at the examination

No student will be permitted entry to an examination room more than 30 minutes after commencement of working time. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after commencement of working time you will not be permitted to sit your examination. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, arriving late for an examination is NOT sufficient grounds for a deferred examination.

Sickness during an examination

A student who attends and attempts whole or part of the original examination will not be eligible for a deferred examination.

Leaving the examination room early

You will not be permitted to leave the examination room during the last 30 minutes of the examination, except in the case of emergency or illness. If you leave an examination room without remaining under supervision, you will not be allowed to re enter the examination room.

If you complete your examination early (more than 30 minutes before the scheduled finish time) and wish to leave the examination, y Toms Shoes ou should raise your hand and remain seated until a supervisor has collected your examination materials.

You must leave the examination room as quietly as possible so as not to disturb continuing students. Please also be aware of students undertaking examinations in adjacent or nearby venues.

Conclusion of the examination

You will be given warnings at 30 minutes and 10 minutes prior to the conclusion of the examination. Prior to the conclusion of the examination you must ensure the covers of all used examination booklets are completed, with your name, student ID number, the number of questions answered and total number of booklets used. Any unused booklets should be placed in sequence, ins Toms Shoes ide the first booklet.