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Toms Shoes Attempted Southwest Plaza Mall

Attempted Southwest Plaza Mall bombing suspect Earl Albert Moore has prostate cancer and Hepatitis C

Moore appeared before Judge Craig B. Shaffer in a federal courtroom Wednesday afternoon, where his court appointed defense attorney, Robert Pepin, told the judge Moore has prostate cancer and a treatable form of Hepatitis C.

Moore was charged with arson and could face five to 20 years in prison if convicted. No other charges have been brought against Moore at this time.

Federal investigators are also trying to find a black bag that Moore was last seen carrying on a RTD surveillance video obtained after the fire at Southwest Plaza Mall on April 20, 9Wants to Know has learned.

The bag was not found with Moore when he was arrested at a King Soopers in Boulder Tuesday, a federal law enforcement source says. Attorney’s office to move the case straight to a grand jury and bypass the preliminary hearing that has been scheduled.

“In state court, a grand jury is a big deal. In federal c Toms Shoes ourt, it’s the norm,” Robinson said. “Almost all cases proceed to grand jury indictme Toms Shoes Toms Shoes >nt, but that also means the charge Moore is facing now may not be the only charge he faces once all the dust is settled.”

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Robinson says he was mildly surprised Moore was only advised of one charge on Wednesday.

“The grand jury may include additional criminal charges, perhaps a charge as serious as attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. That’s a much more serious charge. It doesn’t carry five to 20 years, but a term of indefinite years to life,” he said. “There are a variety of additional criminal changes that could be brought against Moore. They include attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, possession of an explosive by a prior felon, [a] variety of other sentence enhancers. Those will likely be added once this case is presented to the grand jury.”

Moore’s former son in law James Wick told 9NEWS on Tuesday he thinks Moore wanted to return to prison. Robinson says he is not so sure.

“If Moore was just trying to get back into prison, he certainly could’ve found an earlier, more sure fire way to do it,” Robinson said. “He could’ve simply walked into a federally insured bank with a plastic gun and said, ‘This is a holdup.’ I don’t think this case is as simple as, ‘I was just trying to be sent to prison.’ But, if we’re dealing with a criminal mind, his thought processes may be entirely different than mine. At least so I hope.”


According to the criminal complaint, investigators found a DNA profile on the fire scene evidence. Police ran the DNA evidence through CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) and got a positive match for Moore.

9Wants to Know investigators also learned Moore interviewed with FBI agents Wednesday for hours. Details of that interview have yet to be released.

Federal investigators planned to spend Thursday solidifying their investigation, which could include interviewing or re interviewing witnesses and searching areas for additional evidence.

Before his arrest, Moore says he spent time in a Boulder area park, law enforcement officials told 9Wants to Know. Tuesday when a shopper alerted a manager to a person matching the attempted bomber’s description.

“I’m in the King Soopers, [and there’s a] gentleman sitting in here that looks very much like the guy that did the bomb thing at Southwest Plaza,” the witness says in a 911 tape released by police on Wednesday. “He’s in the deli area. You realize it’s probably not [him], but I didn’t just want to walk away from it.”


When Moore started to leave store, another officer outside saw him leaving and pulled in front of him in his police car. The officer ordered Moore to the ground, handcuffed him and arrested him without having to draw his gun.

9Wants to Know learned Moore was released from federal prison on April 13 for a 2005 bank robbery in West Virginia. It is unknown which federal prison he was being held at. Moore was sentenced to 18 years for that robbery, but his time was shortened after he helped prosecutors investigate another case.