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Toms Shoes Attempted purse snatching in s

Attempted purse snatching in south Toms Shoes Windsor

Windsor police are investigating an attempted purse snatching in South Windsor Sunday. She was texting on her phone and not paying attention, but saw a male walking in the opposite direction near Bliss Road and Lappan Street, said police.

A few moments after they passed each other, police said the woman was shoved from behi Toms Shoes nd and felt someone grabbing at her purse. She held on, so the man attempted to grab the Dollarama bag from her grip, police said. She dropped the bag on the ground and all of the contents spilled out. She also dropped her phone, which broke.

The man then fled the scene, said police.

The man was in his early 20s, according to police, who said he had light facial hair, a medium b Toms Shoes uild, and was about 5 foot 10, and wearing jogging pants with a gray zip up hoodie.

Police are asking anyone who saw anything in this area around this time to call detect Toms Shoes ives at 519 255 6799, ext. 4830, or anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 519 258 TIPS (8477).