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Toms Shoes Attempt to jam Russian satelli

Attempt to jam Russian satellites carried out from Western Ukraine comments

Jus t as usual, RT will not report that because it’s Putins mouth peace. RT always potry it self to be fair, balance and represent all opinion but in reality it’s the opposite full of hypocrisy.

they allow you to post here . so what are you complaining about? A JTRIG troll probably.

Wh en a spoilt child in a family misbehaves it is bad parenting to tell all children to behave. You need to isolate the trouble maker and put them in the spotlight.

America, it is the policy to blame one of the children for all the troubles of the family. In America, the ‘black sheep’ child is the poor the 47% who are ‘good for nothing’, ‘stupid’, don’t do their chores right, who are ‘lazy’, and who ‘think they are a princess’. It is much easier for the family if it can just blame all of its problems on that one child Toms Shoes . America does what is cheapest.

This is not surprising. I imagine “informed” Ukrainians will no doubt get flyers out to the masses in Kiev surrounding cities with bullet points about what has really happened in Kiev with the US led COUP, and hired snipers who killed both police and protestors, and the audio tapes their links. I imagine they will no doubt be very alert and careful in dropping bunches of flyers in neighborhoods, coffee shops, corners of major intersections, wherever people congregate. Toms Shoes Three to one wasn’t it? ( actually much more than that as the pro Putin rally was largely enforced while the anti Putin rally was spontaneous.)[/quote ]

It is pleasure to have someone so involved and informed. You must be know who ate what for breakfast, who had headache and who spontaneously or by force has been brought to protests? I s Toms Shoes ee here we have material for NSA. will have a precedent set by the Americans at some point since WW2. Pro American commenters here must have short, selective and/or uninformed memories. the US regime is nothing less than psychopathic.[/quote ]

You must understand trolls here are well informed about everything but sadistic part of them won’t get satisfied by truth and peace but just with smell of blood and serving who they consider higher beings.

andy studebaker 15.03.2014 17:47 Ukraine wants war with Russia. I think she will get what she wants. Then,

Ukraine can run whining to Nato and Washington, both of which

will be delighted for another round of Russia bashing, which may last decades.

rubbishdump09 15.03.2014 17:19 Correction, There is only one Ukrainian based internet newsfeed left in the Crimea as of today. Kind of helps the referendum, don’t you think?

is is the type of sour grapes comment we hear on news channels whever the US loses a sporting event. You should apply to one for work. You have the grumbling down pat.

Any Ukrainian who wishes, has the Toms Shoes entire internet at their disposal but you are hardly likely to find any floating voters at this stage. Everyone would have formed their opinion on the day the referendum was announced.

rubbishdump09 15.03.2014 17:48 I hope everybody has taken the time to do a head count of the anti Putin demonstrators versus the pro Putin demonstrators in Moscow yesterday

Crimea rally in central Moscow with 15,000 and the anti Referendum rally with 3,000. These are official police figures on both demonstrations. Both groups claim that their demonstrations were much larger.

What you should focus upon is that both rallies were able to be conducted without intimidation. This is not the situation in Eastern regions of Ukraine where protesters have been fired upon by fascist elements.