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Toms Shoes Attack of the plastic bags

Attack of the plastic bags

Mostly every home I visit has a bag dilemma of sorts. People just obtain too many unnecessary needless bags. They end up being stored in your limited storage spaces until you move, have a flood or till I pay you a visit and veto the bag collection and rezone the space for something practical and functional. We collect t Toms Shoes hem in every shape, size and colour and name them approximately as lunch bag, paper bags, plastic bags, gift bags, travel bags, Ziploc baggies, shopping bags, etc.

Last week, I received an e mail (or cry for help) from what seemed to be an extremely detailed lady. She has about a zillion bags, give Toms Shoes or take, in a variety of sizes. Sarah reads my column regularly and writes in part:

question is: I have a very tiny space and I like to separate: (1) grocery bags; (2) clear fruit bags; (3) plain (white/grey) bags ” both small and large; (4) extra large plastic bags; and one for (5) miscellaneous. I tried small cardboard (liquor box ” 10 x 8) with compartments in a section of a bottom cupboard ” takes up too much room. Considered five separate potato chip containers ” too difficult to access. Can you help? thanks for your question. Storing so many bags in a small Toms Shoes space is definitely not practical. Although I Toms Shoes am not a fan of the plastic world, there is always the Bag Saver available at most Wal Marts and Canadian Tires.