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Toms Shoes Attaching Tags And Signs To Ho

Attaching Tags And Signs To Horticultural Racks

Do you have a problem? Are you looking for Toms Shoes a better, less expensive way to hold tags on racks? Are you tired of using binder clips, spray adhesives and other improvised expensive solutions?has the answer: ‘s motto is: “Simple solutions to complicated problems” and the RC 35 plastic clip is just that. It sl Toms Shoes ides on easily, holds the signs or tag on the racks, and is packed in bags for easy handling.It’s no accident: When it comes to designing clips, knows what they’re doing. They invented the plastic clip that has been used for the past 50 years to package apparel, and have patents on many of their designs.Test and decide: You can order and test samples and prove to yourself that the RC35 is the best available solution. (Please note, the short leg of the clip goes on the inside of the tray). Toms Shoes If you would like to place an order, please call Al Toms Shoes at 800 645 3416 ext 263.