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Toms Shoes At least four killed in latest

At least four killed in latest bombing to hit Beirut

Lebanese media reported that Tuesday’s explo Toms Shoes sion, which occurred on a busy street in the Haret Hreik district of Beirut, had been Toms Shoes caused by a car bomb, possibly a suicide bomber.

Police and medical sources Toms Shoes said at least four people had been killed and dozens of others wounded in the blast, although some reports put the death toll as high as four.

Shiite militant group Hezbollah announced last spring that it had sent fighters to neighboring Syria to fight alongside forces loyal to President Bashar al Assad and against mai Toms Shoes nly Sunni Muslim rebels.

That announcement stoked already heightened tensions between Lebanon’s Shiite and Sunni communities.

Tuesday’s attack occurred within 100 meters (328 feet) from the site of a similar explosion earlier this month that killed six people and injured more than 70 others.