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Toms Outlet Online asbestos riskThousands of

asbestos risk

Thousands of Australians who have renovated their homes and ripped up old carpets may have exposed themselves to deadly asbestos fibres

Respiratory physician Bill Musk is concerned that hessian bags used to transport deadly asbestos products were later reused as carpet underlay.

Anyone who gets exposed to the underlay risks contracting mesothelioma, an incurable cancer, he says. “So carpet underfelt from these bags is definitely potentially dangerous,” Prof Musk told the ABC’s 7.30 Toms Outlet Online Report.

He told the program of people who had contracted mesothelioma or experienced lung problems, where the cause appeared to be related to carpet.

The program interviewed several people who believed some mesothelioma victims had been exposed to asbestos fibres from carpet.

A Toms Outlet Online spokesman for Western Australia’s Health Department, which has looked into the problem, urged home renovators to take care with their carpet.

“The main thing is to not disturb it and try and get some advice as to whether there is any dust in their house,” he told the program.

He said people should hire professionals to rip up carpet und Toms Outlet Online erlay and to thoroughly clean the house afterwards.

The program said the bags were used in c Toms Outlet Online arpet underlay until the 1970s, and while it was not known how many homes were affected, it could be in the tens of thousands.

Journalist Matt Peacock, who filed the story for The 7.30 Report, has written a new book on asbestos waste, called Killer Company: James Hardie Exposed.