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Toms Outlet Online Asbestos near school raises so

Asbestos near school raises some concern

The material, unearthed from water mains removed by the council during roadworks, has been placed in a JJ Richards skip at the end of Bunya St, opposite South State School.While the bin has no lid and is unfenced, the council maintains it is using correct procedures to dispose of the contaminated material.Packages containing asbestos in the bin have been double bagged and labeled with “Asbestos. Do not inhale dust.A WDRC spokesperson said all staff were working within the law.”The skip is collected by JJ Richards to appropriately dispose of the asbestos at a designated Toms Outlet Online facility in Toowoomba,” the spokesperson said.”As proper processes and Toms Outlet Online procedures have been carried out, council is confident that no staff or members of the public have been exposed to asbestos.”A council contractor contacted the Herald last week with concerns about the proximity to the school, and the way the asbestos was being managed.”There’s a few guys on the crew worried about dropping stuff off to that bin,” he said.”I have spoken to our supervisor about getting it moved.”The worker also said he had seen children playing on large mounds of dirt located beside the skip and expressed fears they could tamper with the material.”As a parent it doesn’t make me real happy, not real happy at all,” he said.”I’d like to see the bin moved, away from the school at l Toms Outlet Online east there are plenty of other more appropriate places in Dalby. Out in the industrial area.”I don’t think Toms Outlet Online they should have an open bin at all.”Kids Club Dalby operates directly opposite the skip in the South State School grounds during the school holidays. Co owner Elisha Pedler said she was happy the skip had been inspected on Friday and was considered above board. Read Full Story