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As we were saying

Almost completely out of words except for the favourite one of old time journalists:That (30) was what was typed at the end of a reporter’s copy when it was handed in to the typesetter and meant: Done. (Lots of concepts in that little explanation which will perplex anyone under 40.)

London 2012 was great, but plenty long enoug Toms Outlet Online h thanks. You felt safe here and you felt welcome, and those two aren’t alway Toms Outlet Online s co habitants.

There’s usually a bittersweet echo on the last day of the Games,and you can hear it today: the sound of intense, but short term, concerns, geographical familiarity, relationships, all kinds of things, winding down.

Hopefully a year from now, a generation from now, Britons will still feel that it was worth it. I think they will. This city fell in love with itself again and the country fell in love with its capital again, when there was so recently so much self loathing. There is a physical legacy in the city’s east end that will be a constant reminder of Toms Outlet Online what can happen when all the cricketers are dressed in the same whites.

And the beauty of these Games was the way they radiated: the astounding soccer and sailing and other sports contested far away from London. And most beautifully, most Toms Outlet Online uniquely, in an oh so provincial way: the painting of one Royal Mail box gold in the town or borough or village from whence the gold medal winning athlete came. This is a country that believes in roots, sometimes smotheringingly, but this time touchingly.