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As The Diatomaceous Earth Turns

5. Is placing food in the DA an effective way at drawing nearby insects to their certain doom?DE’s potency should last indefinitely. It is most effective when dusted. You should always use food grade DE, preferably fresh water DE which is more potent with insects. A good brand if you can find it is Perma Guard. DO NOT use the diatomaceous earth that is made for swimming pools; swimming pool DE is toxic, especially to pets.

DE can be spread over the carpet and in the attic, puffed into walls, outlets and behind moldings. If you’re going to spread it yourself, make sure to use a respirator safety glasses and cover anything that might get scratched by it because it’s extremely abrasive. Also, get a super cheap vacuum c Toms Outlet Online leaner and use Arm Hammer hypo allergenic vacuum bags (Wal Mart) to clean it up since it won’t allow the DE to blow back into the environment. Food grade DE should be safe for ingestion even for pets, but you’d want to ask your vet for advice first before spraying it on the carpet if you have pets.

DE works with larger insects by lacerating their exoskeleton and drying them out. It usually takes a couple days to kill them once they’ve walked through it. DE will kill roaches and bed bugs, but it is not very effective with extremely tiny insects like D. Gallinae bird mites. For that, DuPont makes a super fine DE that isn’t available in the US called EcoMite.

Bating is not an effective method for using DE. Baiting does work extremely well with boric aci Toms Outlet Online d for roach and ant control. A good formula is mixing boric acid, Crisco, sugar and flour, rolling into small gol Toms Outlet Online f balls and placing them where pets can’t get to them. Boric acid is not very toxic (about as toxic as asp Toms Outlet Online irin) but can be toxic if a small animal or a baby eats enough of it.

If you’re battling bed bugs in your apartment, you’re going to need help. Bed bugs have become a plague, especially in apartments where they travel through the walls. I would recommend getting professional help with bed bugs, especially getting the landlord involved to control them in all surrounding apartments, as well as using natural controls like DE and enzyme cleaners. Boric acid isn’t effective with bed bugs. The most important thing to remember is DON’T use bug bombs with bed bugs! They will travel through the walls to get away from the toxic cloud and you’ll simply spread them around a building making eradication even more difficult. shellflour

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As a follow up, I had the usual Spring infestation of tiny ants in my apartment, so I took some DE and poured it out of a cup around the floor moldings where I saw the ants crawling. The ants disappeared in a day or two. Then, one morning I woke up with ants biting my arms. I took some DE and made a perimeter around and under my bed. This got rid of them quickly, but I ended up getting some on my bed, and I invariably tracked it all over since it was on the floor. In small doses on skin it seems to do no harm, so hopefully no biggie. The end result, though, is that the ants are gone (and the roaches, too).

On a side note, why can’t anyone agree on how DE works? Some people say it is sharp and scratches, some say its dry and causes anything it touches to become severely dry.