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As Seen on TV

Product: Debbie Meyer Green Bags ($9.95 for 20 bags)

Claim: “Extends the life of produce”; store bagged fruits and veggies in the fridge or on the counter

Expert Verdict: Thumbs up. The bags absorb the hormone ethylene, which “may help prolong the life of fruits and vegetables that ripen quickly,” says Paul Dawson, PhD, a food science and human nutrition professor at Clemson University.

Product: Inner Health SOLE Pads ($33 for 30 pads)

Claim: Herb filled cotton pads stick to your feet and provide a “cleans Toms Outlet Online ing action”; originally called “SOLE Detox Pads”

Expert Verdict: Thumbs down. “There’s no scientific basis to these claims,” says James Christina, DPM, director of scientific affairs at the American Podiatric Medical Association. “Toxins are removed by the liver, not the skin.”

Product: Listen Up Personal Sound Amplif Toms Outlet Online ier ($14.99)

Claim: A microphone in a small case amplifies sound to earbuds; for use in crowded, loud settings

Expert Verdict: Thumbs up. “This is a terrific quick fix until you can get fitted with a hearing aid,” says University of Pittsburgh otolaryngologist Barry Hirsch, MD. “We use them in our offices.”

Product: Lens Doctor Scratch Repair Kit ($9.99)

Claim: “Reduces surface scratches” on eyeglasses of all types

Expert Verdict: Thumbs down. “These products leave a coating you can hardly see through,” says Kerry Beebe, OD, of the American Opt Toms Outlet Online ometric Association. “The only real solution is to replace the lens.”

Product: Super Blue Stuff OTC pain relief cream ($18.99 for 4.4 oz)

Claim: “Guaranteed to provide fast natural pain relief”

Expert Verdict: Neutral. “Look for menthol in a cheaper product,” like Ti Toms Outlet Online ger Balm.

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