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Toms Outlet Assemble the Plastic Shopping

Assemble the Plastic Shopping Bag Saver

It’s time for some assembly. We’ll connect all parts using either 4d finish nails or with a pneumatic brad nailer as displayed on page 1 of the free

woodworking plans you downloaded in the first step.

Begin by placing the back of the unit on your shop table and place the two side pieces along side the back, aligning them with the bottom of the back piece. Tack the sides to the back using the nails or the brad nailer.

Second, attach the front of the unit to the two sides, but instead of matching the face with the sides, leave the front 1/4″ proud (so you’ll have a 1/4″ reveal). Align the top of the front piece with the two sides, matching the 15 degree bevel on top, and attach with finish nails or brads through the sides into the front board.

Third, connect the bottom to the four sides of the box, aligning the rear of the box and the back of the base. You should have an even 1/2″ reveal along the two sides and the front. Once the base is positioned properly, attach using finish Toms Outlet nails or brads through the bottom into the two sides and back.

Finally, attach the 2″ top piece to the top of Toms Outlet the unit. The square ba Toms Outlet ck edge of the top should be flush with the back edge of the back piece, and the 7 1/2″ bevel should be angled downward (wide edge on top). Align the piece so that the reveal on each side is even and the back is flush, then tack in place using finish nails or brads.

Do any final sanding you deem necessary and apply your Toms Outlet finish of choice. If you need to fill any holes created by the nails, be sure to fill and sand before beginning to paint or stain (followed by polyurethane to protect the stain). Finish the entire assembly and the unattached lid, which will be attached in the next step of these free woodworking plans.