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Assemble in the Merkabatron

Its day 2 of 3 for principal photography. There is no 1st AD yelling no self indulgent Actor Diva asking for a warmer Parka and gluten free, Nut Free, Lactose Intolerant vegan (insert other typical cliche actor demands) chocolate bar, and no over caffeinated Hair Assistant Instrgraming her food. Only one thing is spilling out of the pylons that surround the set, Vibrations that spew from Video Village.

The story takes place in E Ville, the only surviving town on planet earth. The production has Toms Outlet chosen some lost forgotten chasm in time (Rural Langley) as our faux E Ville, as the perfect backdrop for our main location as the post apocalyptic town. (Our location is much to far for BC Transit to venture so I had to borrow a friends car. (My car is dead, plates expired)) Upon my arrival I was not greeted with the normal H Five, cappuccino or complimentary breakfast burrito, but a deluge of rain, creativity but most importantly a wave of titillating love smacked me in the face.

In between script tweaks, and pinking of their hair, Alison Araya and Justine Warrington were able to take 2 minutes from their seductive dialogue and lust inspiring wardrobe to catch up. Both Araya and Warranting penned a campy, erotic, science fiction comedy. Much like their film, the 2 (on film and in real life) came together from other worlds, Araya from Australia and Warrington from no one really knows

The words Purpose, Unification were loosely thrown around when the duo spoke of how they met, and how EarthLickers was consummated. The awaking of the Feminine centred living and of course every 25 year old UBC Astronomy Undergrad dream, Physics. are at the centre of EarthLickers.

When Warrington wasn adjusting her Orgasmo, Titillating Love costume, she found laughing with background performers, garbage grabbers, and that random guy with the Toms Outlet STOP sign 2.5 KM down the road. Her most serious note came when asked about the foundations of EarthLickers. not just a film, its a movement. This film is an invitation to raise the vibration and awareness of love healing. I nodded and smiled and sipped my, now cold, coffee. I am still wondering what is meant by that.

Of course what is on every young filmmakers mind is the question HOW? A Toms Outlet raya and Warrington chose the avenue of the Crazy 8 Film Society annual film competition to pitch their concept to a jury of industry professionals, both Vancouver and Los Angeles based. After months of looming deadlines, difficult hurdles and a plethora of script re writes they now have cameras rolling. This could only be done by says Araya. Armstrong and the entire Crazy 8 FIlm team put a fire in my pants. The entire process is an adrenaline punch to the heart. What can be done on their own, Araya and Warrington have accomplished 100 times what they could have imagined thanks to Crazy 8 am now sitting in the warmth and comfort of my East Van apartment as the team of EarthLickers comes into their 12th hour of filmmaking. I lasted 3.5 hours (one hour of that was eating lunch with the cast and crew.) The rain is still pouring, the temperature is dipping, and Warrington just sent me a photo of one lonely light in a forest surrounded by thousands of individual rain drops seeking their intended targets, the EarthLickers Cast and Crew. It is now I can understand Warrington last statement not just a film, its a movement. This film is an invita Toms Outlet tion to raise the vibration and awareness of love healing. The crew have a passion in this bellies that won let them get cold or hungry. The cast have a stick of TNT within them that won let them stop giving their Oscar Winning Performance. And the script of EarthLickers is still standing true to its intention, to create awareness that the need of un conditional love is more important than any worldly possession.

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