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Toms Outlet assemble Halloween party games

assemble Halloween party games

What you need: Lunch size paper bags, scissors, black twine, several small sticks/branches and a bag of your choice of candy.What you do: Push out the base of a paper bag, and fold in the left and right sides. Using scissors, begin cutting the bag into thin strips, s Toms Outlet topping short of the bag’s base. Now take a second brown bag and cut thin strips into the top Toms Outlet inch of the bag. Open both bags and place the second bag inside the shredded one, then fill the inner bag with your choice of candy. Place a branch an inch deep into the inner bag. Finish off the party favor by cinching the tops of both brown bags and tying it with black twine.What you need: Orange tissue paper, scissors, green floral tape and a bag of candy.What you do: Begin by cutting two 10 inch circles from orange tissue paper. Stack the circles and place candy in the center. Pull the paper up over the candy, gather and then twist, securing the paper with green floral tape (aka the stem).What you need: Black plastic cups, a bag of candy, craft glue, googly eyes, black or orange wooden beads and black and orange pipe cleaners.What you do: Make a small hole on each side of a cup. Glue as many googly eyes as you desire all over the cup. While the eyes dry, take a pipe cleaner of each color and twist them together. Then push two wooden beads through to the middle of the twisted pipe cleaners. Feed the pipe cleaners through each hole in the cup to form a handle, making sure to bend the ends up and twist the excess around the handle. Finish the bucket off by pushing one bead down each side to cover the ends and gluing them securely. Then fill the cup with candy. Cover each lollipop with a square of white cloth, and place a clear elastic band around the neck of each to secure the material. Using the black Sharpie, draw your best ghost face on the front side of each lollipop. Then, separate the lollipops into two groups of five. For the first group, use the blue Sharpie to print a letter on the back of each lollipop so that the group spells out “ghost.” Repeat with the other group of lollipops, this time using the red Sharpie. The objective will be to spell out “ghost” b Toms Outlet y finding the hidden ghosts labeled with the letters in their team’s color. First team to do so wins. After you’ve cut out as many as you think you’ll need, take each cutout and place a piece of adhesive on the back of each. Spin the guest around twice and instruct him or her to walk slowly toward the pumpkin and affix the cutouts. Then remov Toms Outlet e the blindfold to let the guest see his or her creation. Have each team pick one member to be the mummy. On the word “go,” have the teams begin wrapping their “mummy” with the paper. (Note: You can probably find shapes like this in a craft store if the idea of making them is too daunting. Just practice the game to make sure you can pick them up with a straw.) Before the game begins, place two bowls on a table low enough for your guest to reach. Have each team form a single file line 4 feet from the table. On “go,” one member from each team will run to the table and, using the straw as a vacuum, try to pick up a shape from his team’s pile and place it in the bowl. Once he has done so, he runs and tags the next team member in line to repeat the previous steps. The point of the game will be to find one of those objects and, in return, receive the good fortune that comes with it. The guests who find the objects are declared the winners.