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assault case adjourned

It mirrors the trends in the numbers of Catholic faithful that helped lead to the election of Pope Francis as the first non European pope in over a millennium.

The Vatican released statistics on the state of the Catholic Church in the world, showing a 39.5pc increase in Africa and a 32pc percent hike in Asia from 2001 2011.

Sex change man is bride

Hong Kong’s top court has granted a transgender woman the right to marry her boyfriend i Toms Outlet n a watershed ruling which falls short of allowing same sex marriage.

The surprise decision covers only the right of a transgender person who was born male to marry a man, and for one who was born female to marry a woman.

The ruling by the Court of Final Appeal brings the semi autonomous Chinese city in line Toms Outlet with many other places in the Asia Pacific region, including mainland China.

Is end nigh for preacher radio?

T Toms Outlet he end may be near for a California evangelical radio network used by a preacher to predict incorrectly the apocalypse.

Oakland based Family Radio has sold its t Toms Outlet hree largest radio stations and laid off longtime staff members.

Tax records show Harold Camping’s nonprofit network saw its net assets drop to $29.2m (22.4m) by the end of 2011, from a net worth of $135m (103.9m) four years earlier.