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Ass Action Movies That Are Pure Propaganda

Necati Sasmaz IS Polat Alemdar, the badass leader of a badass Turkish Special Forces team. When American forces in Iraq arrest 11 Turkish soldiers (their own allies) and march them past the news cameras with bags over their heads, it’s up to Alemdar and his team to restore their country’s pride. When that doesn’t work out so well, the increasingly angry Turks set their sights on the one man responsible for the entire Iraq War: Sam Marshall, some random goofball who holds no apparent rank or position and yet still controls the entire American army. Who the fuck is this guy?

That’ pretty much it. These guys are definitely not Yankees fans. Sinc Toms Outlet e when is Turkey pissed off at us? And, don’t try to tell us that it was that thing with the 11 guys with the bags Toms Outlet over their heads (yeah, that actually happened) ’cause this obviously goes a little deeper than that. Jewish doctors stealing organs from Abu Ghraib detainees and mailing that shit out to Tel Aviv? Where the fuck did that come from?

On the bright side, these guys are just as strongly opposed to suicide bombings and video beheadings as they are against America. On the dark side, though, they actually blame America for engineering those suicide bombings and video beheadings. Shit.

“Let me tell you what the difference between you and me is. You would not sacrifice 11 men. Meanwhile, you watch your country’s fortune go to ruin. I would sacrifice 11,000 of my men if needed. You cannot abandon the 30 kids because of your feelings? I would kill every single one of them because of their feelings. I kill all who would ruin the peace. Unlike you, I am not here by coincidence. I am a peacekeeper assigned by God. A peacekeeper is God’s child.” Sam William Marshal Toms Outlet l (Billy Zane)

The Kurds are dimwitted thugs in league with the Americans.

We’re sure that this has nothing to do with the campaign of ethnic cleansing that Turkey is running against the Kurds in their own country, though. It’s probably just some wacky coincidence.

Yeah, but Do They Still Blow Some Shit Up?

We hate to say this, but yeah. They do a pretty damn good job of blowing shit up. And, we feel especi Toms Outlet ally weird saying that the suicide bombing scene is particularly awesome. The big machine gun shoot outs kick ass, too. Let’s face it, this is a fucking jihad of awesome.