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Toms Outlet Aspen ban on plastic bags set

Aspen ban on plastic bags set to begin

ASPEN With Aspen’s ban on plastic bags provided at grocery store checkout Toms Outlet poised to start May 1 a mere seven wee Toms Outlet ks from now city employees and the two stores are gearing up for a change in shopping habits that’s sure to rattle some customers and inspire others.

The ban, approved by the City Council in October, is an initiative the city’s Environmental Health Department spearheaded Toms Outlet last year. It prohibits Aspen’s two grocery stores, City Market and Clark’s Market, from giving customers plastic bags, which many consider environmentally Toms Outlet unfriendly. It encourages the use of reusable bags, but if a customer doesn’t have one the grocery stores will sell them a paper bag for a 20 cent fee on each bag.

The city will garner most of the proceeds to help fund its sustainability programs, but the stores will get to keep a share of the revenue to help with various costs associated with the change, including their own efforts to educate the public.