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Toms Outlet Asbestos solution in the bag

Asbestos solution in the bag

Ken Webb Hazibag was born out of a simple desire to make asbestos handling safer.”People handling asbestos currently need to double wrap it in 200 micron black plastic before placing it inside a steel skip bin,” he said.”No matter how careful the removalists are, the asbestos moves and breaks up during transport and has potential Toms Outlet to brea Toms Outlet k out of the plastic wrap when being tipped.”Hazibag was developed to replace having to double wrap and replace the need for t Toms Outlet he steel skip.”We see it as an add on to the skip bin industry, as they can now carry the Hazibag inside the cabs of their trucks and bring it out on any job sites their bins are on, ensuring where asbestos is present, it is kept separate from the other construction waste.”The bag, which has NATA certification as a “flexible intermediate bulk container” approved to transport hazardous waste, has an internal, sealable bladder as well as an Toms Outlet outer skin.It is aimed at industry professionals who specialise in the removal of asbestos and is in use in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. There is also an ever increasing DIY market.”The take up rate has been fantastic. We just contracted Veolia, one of Australia largest waste removal companies, Hazibag has a number connected to their call centre.”Pacfire Australia is now a distributor to the emergency services industry and we are now in discussion with the SES in NSW.