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Toms Outlet Asbestos siding questionI

Asbestos siding question

I am new here so I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong forum. I have a rental property that was built in 1951 and still has the asbestos siding on it. My question is: ca Toms Outlet n I put vinyl siding over it or does it need to removed first? There is no damage to the asbestos that I can see. However, it is in need of painting. I plan on holding onto this property long term and didn know if it would be cost efficient to put vinyl siding up or just paint it? I know that cost will vary from contractor to contractor and state to state. But has anyone had any experience with asbestos that can give me a ballpark on cost of putting vinyl siding up. The home is small (approx 800 SF). Please let me know what additional information is needed for a valid response. Have to put half dozen sheets in a double black plastic garbage bags and let our landfill know its coming,,,other than that its not any more expensive.

NOW, compare that with MORE restrictive regs later in life,,plus HIGH priced removal stuff. PLUS the cost of taking off siding to get to it,plus uneven broken siding behind vinyl which can only fall DOWN and will wedge and double up.

Taking it off gets your windows and doors to be able to be sealed better,,,application of Tyvek or similar is a great asset.

Its easy to do NOW,isnt cost prohibitive Toms Outlet and your DONE with it!! Thats my story,,,and I am sticking to it! Toms Outlet !

The most expensive part is cost of black garbage bags. and that isnt so bad,just knowing you did it right.

As to painting it,,it lasts well on it and looks good too,,just more DATED THAN orange shag carpet. Vinyl OR cement board is a Toms Outlet superior siding!! The slate breaks. ONLY reason I took it off last house was it was drilled or blown in foam 30 years ago and was ruined and leaking. On a rental, its okay,on a flip,not so much!!(defined ANY sale)