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Toms Shoes Outlet Asus Transformer Pad TF300T

Asus Transformer Pad TF300T

My class was chosen to test this tablet for school wishes this and next year. I’m using it now for around two months and I have to say, I pretty much like it. I use it from around five in the morning and between the day to like eleven o’clock, but most of the times I used it for the whole day and while vacations, when I wanted to go to Toms Shoes Outlet sleep, the battery was still half full, and in many ways this is a great thing, thought it’s not recommended to full it while it’s still half full. Like yesterday. And I just must say I love the keyboard, it’s easier to type on it and it’s even nice colour. We also got a ‘bag’ for it, so it looks bigger than it is, but when I take it out, it still seems huge. It has loads of memory. I think around 28 GB? Something like that, anyways. It’s easy to do anything on it, though I hate how slow it becomes sometimes when I try to close programs. The speakers are okay, maybe too quiet for me, but since I have some problems with hearing, I think it’s just great. And just the colour. price to replace internal battery, and the keyboard dock will not take charge that I watched twirl the drain so I am guessing I need. INTERNAL BATTERY, KEYBOARD/DOCKING STATION. I own the blue TF300T but all the groves are in a circle not the more current opposi Toms Shoes Outlet ng half moons. Pls. or if you could provide link to how this is handled.

It went in for repair. Not long after receiving the unit back the battery icon for the keyboard stopped showing up and battery life was less than before. We sent it in again. It came back and not long after the same issue.

It went in a third time Thi Toms Shoes Outlet s time Asus paid the shipping charges both ways. The day it came back from repair the 3rd time the battery icon stopped sh Toms Shoes Outlet owing again and this time the touch pad did not work.

Toms Shoes Outlet Asus surfaces 3 Honeycomb tabl

Asus surfaces 3 Honeycomb tablets

Las Vegas, Jan 5: Unlike Toms Shoes Outlet the other Consumer Electronic Shows, the 2011 CES is confronting with more tablet PCs. Most of the gigantic manufactures are focusing on tablets running on Google Android operating systems.

The latest company showcased its tablets at 2011 CES is Asus. Taiwan based ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated (Asus) has unveiled three Android Honeycomb running tablets, namely Asus Eee Pad Slider, Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Asus Eee Pad MeMO.

Asus claimed that the new tablet Eee Pad MeMO is “the p Toms Shoes Outlet erfect blend of tablet and smartphone.” It has a 7 inch multitouch screen and a separate media phone extender. MeMo offers stylus, Toms Shoes Outlet Media Note text application and Painter. Other features include 1GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Micro HDMI port.

The Asus Eee Pad slider tablet has a 10.1 inch IPS touch screen with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. It is powered with NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and offers a custom UI, MyWave. Eee Pad also provides dual cameras, 5 megapixel at rear and a 1.2 megapixel at front. Other features include 3G, Wi Fi and Bluetooth.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet has a 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen and runs on Google Android Honeycomb OS. It is powered with NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset and dual cameras. An optional docking station will make this tablet to a a full fledged notebook with a QWERTY keyboard.

Th Toms Shoes Outlet ese tablets will hit international market by mid 2011. The price and availability in Indian market are not yet announced. Stay tuned for more updates.

Toms Shoes Outlet ASUS Sabertooth X58 Motherboar

ASUS Sabertooth X58 Motherboard Review Toms Shoes Outlet

ASUS Sabertooth X58 Motherboard ReviewThe Sabertooth X58 is a new offering from ASUS TUF “Military” series of motherboards. I guess if you ever find yourself in a fox hole avoiding enemy fire and you got a desktop PC handy with some way to power it, a PC built around the Sabertooth X58 is what you should be packing.

One thing I noticed about ASUS Toms Shoes Outlet boards over the years is that any board released just prior to the launch of new processor families which will undoubtedly require new chipsets are a real treat to work with. One of ASUS earlier ROG offerings based around the P965 chipset is one such example of this. The ASUS Commando to be more specific. Essentially veteran overclockers can afford to get really lazy and noobies wanting to get their feet wet with overclocking won have much of a learning curve to deal with. However boards like this do tend to spoil you.

the Sabertooth X58 is as easy an experience as I ever had. Up to 210MHz BCLK you don have to do much. I disabled the PCI and CPU spread spectrum settings as a matter of course and I had to set my VDIMM voltage manually. Beyond that it just a matter of keeping your memory speeds somewhere close to their rated speeds or less. That all I did. Using automatic settings I was able to hit 210MHz BCLK without any trouble.

It would pass stability testing using the Intel Extreme Tuning utility and Intel Burn in Test. I did have issues with Prime95 with a single worker stopping fairly frequently, and OCCT reported excessive heat, though RealTemp 3 and Intel Extreme Tuning disagreed. So stability testing was a bit of a mixed bag depending on the utility I used but at no point did the system crash, lock up or give me any problems. More on that point anyone who has used the Intel Burn In Test knows that it a trust worthy and fickle utility. Systems otherwise considered stable often fall prey to the Intel tool simply because the heat generated by the utilities testing procedures goes beyond the norm. In other words I willing to call it stable based on the utilities that did work vs. those that didn

On another positive note, I was even able to take my Corsair Dominator GT modules past their 2000MHz rated speed. I rarely seen boards do that and never by such a wide margin. I was able to reach DDR3 2160MHz speeds on DDR3 2000MHz memory without issue. Oddly I was using the same modules the Rampage III Formula had trouble with.

Going past that I was able to increase the BCLK again to 219MHz. (Reported as 218.8 in CPU Z) To accomplish this I had to manually set the CPU voltage to 1.3250v. More than 1.35v would result in a no post. The funny thing is with all the other settings, manual adjustment of voltages and other settings often resulted in instability or no post conditions which the board would recover from without fail. I found it odd that I wasn able to accomplish anything I couldn off of “AUTO” settings. For ease of overclocking this board is it. I never experienced anything finer or more pleasurable to work with. No this board hasn reached the highest BCLK settings I ever seen but did get most of the way with the least amount of effort. ASUS definitely did a good job here. Especially given how inexpensive this board is compared to many other X58 chipset based boards. Below are two configurations representing lower BCLK and higher memory frequencies and the reverse.

I not sure who ASUS had in mind when they were marketing this thing. Building to military specifications is a nice selling point for firearms, armor, vehicles, and a lot of things really. I even say that marketing a laptop as “mil spec” would be genius if you could back up the claim. For a desktop board I don think anyone will care. I guess if you are going to play Call of Duty Black Ops from a bunker in Iraq then the ma Toms Shoes Outlet rketing makes some sense, but short of that I not so sure. The military standards take an electrical engineer to understand and where the rubber meets the road I don think the quality of the Sabertooth X58 is any better than say the Rampage III Extreme or Rampage III Formula. At that price and with the ASUS name behind it I doubt the odd choice of marketing will make any difference when it comes to how successful sales of this board end up being.

The bottom line is that the Sabertooth X58 is a fantastic board. Fortunately or unfortunately parallels and outright comparisons between this board and the Rampage III Formula are inevitable. I had the Rampage III Formula on my mind the entire time I worked with the Sabertooth X58. It easily 95% of what the Rampage III Formula offers but at about two thirds the price. It a hell of a bargain on that note. However, while this board is perhaps easier to overclock and very similar in regard to stability and features on paper, the lower price point comes at a cost.

The Rampage III Formula has a better audio solution and a much better onboard network controller. Absent are onboard power and reset controls found on ASUS higher priced offerings. If onboard power and reset buttons, better audio and network controllers aren worth $60 or $70 to you then the Sabertooth X58 is without question the better choice. As I did with the Rampage III Formula, I have to question anyone who would buy this board today with Sandy Bridge just around the corner. Six months ago I have recommended this board without reservations as probably the pinnacle motherboard within its price point. Today, it a nice piece of hardware but not one I suggest buying unless you Toms Shoes Outlet need a board right now and can wait. If that the case I argue for the Sabertooth X58 over the Rampage III Formula as I think it offers almost the same bang for 33% less bucks.