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Toms Shoes Outlet At least 6 people killed in bl

At least 6 people killed in blast in Somali capital

MOGADISHU (Reuters) At least six people were killed in Mogadishu on Saturday, including a senior city council official, when a remotely controlled bomb planted by al Shabaab insurgents exploded on a busy street in the Somali capital, police said.

Somalia’s fragile government is struggling to impose any sense of order more than two decades after the fall of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre tipped the country into chaos.

The city has been hit by a series of suicide bomb attacks in the past few months, claimed by al Qaeda linked militants al Shabaab, who have waged a sustained guerrilla campaign even after they were pushed out of the city in mid 2011.

Police said the bomb that killed the city official was hidden in a pile of rubb Toms Shoes Outlet ish placed along the road. They said the other people killed were thought t Toms Shoes Outlet o be his guards.

At least 25 people were wounded, medical officials said.

“The secretary general of the Banadir (Mogadishu) region, Abdikafi Hilowle, was targeted and he died,” Major Abdikadir Mohamed, a police officer told Reuters. “A remotely controlled bomb hidden in paper bags of rubbish destroyed his car.”

The incident happened as the car passed through the ‘Kilometer 4′ junction. The Kilometer 4 neighbourhood is Mogadishu’s commercial and administrative centre.

Gunfire from police also rung out through the district, as police fired in the air.

A Reuters witness saw the wrecked government car and five wounded people lying Toms Shoes Outlet on the street. Al Shabaab militants who want to impose a strict version of the sharia law in Somalia have also claimed responsibility for similar attacks in the past.

The group claimed eight people wer Toms Shoes Outlet e killed in the attack.

“We have killed a senior city official called Abdikafi Hilowle and 7 of his bodyguards. We killed him to liberate the Somalis,” sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, the spokesman for al Shabaab’s military operation told Reuters.

Western nations involved in Somalia worry it could sink back into chaos and provide a launch pad for Islamist militancy. Thomson Reuters journalists are subject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests.

Toms Shoes Outlet At least 40 unsecured guns sto

At least 40 unsecured guns stolen from house near Roosevelt HS

SEATTLE Between 40 and 45 guns, including an AR 15, left unsecured in a house across from Roosevelt High School were stolen in a burglary last week, according to the Seattle Police Department. Friday. When he returned to his home in the 6800 block of 15th Avenue Northeast five hours later, he discovered he had been burglarized.

The victim told officers all his guns 20 to 25 handguns and 20 rifles and shotguns had been stolen from his bedroom closet and drawers. He said many of the handguns were from his father and grandfather from WWI and WWII, and the rifles included an AR 15.

According to the report, the burglar or burglars also took a large amount of cash that had been in two bags in the kitchen and about a dozen watches.

The victim was missing five to seven gym bags he thinks were used to carry out his possessions, as well, according to the report.

Since there were no signs of forced entry into the house, the victim told officers he believes whoever burglarized him lifted the automatic garage door to get inside.

Was the house locked? Then the weapons were secure.

Everyone on here seems to think a gun safe is the end all be all last word in weapons storage. There are very Toms Shoes Outlet few safes out there that cannot be defeated by the average burglar with time and a couple very basic tools. Good safes weigh in excess of 4000 pounds and cost upwards of $10k. They will not fit in an apartment or townhouse since they often require removal of a wall and a crane to lift them into place on the bottom floor.

Your Toms Shoes O Toms Shoes Outlet utlet average Winchester, Browning, AmSec, Liberty, and Cannon safes are made with thing gauge sheet metal and will not resist cutting, poking, or prying. Graffunder is the way to go but they cost and weigh as much as a car.

Point is, if the guy BROKE IN and stole the dishwasher, there wouldn’t be an article that claims the dishwasher wasn’t secured. When the actual break in time is when no one is home. 99% of burglaries happen at that time. Home invasions are so rare if don’t sell drugs or have a pot farm in your home you a better chance of winning the Mega than using your hidden weaponry.

With that said, that is your right be armed and have random guns hidden for protection and also I don’t believe a home owner be charged.

I’d bet that 9,999 out of 10,000gun safes that are properly bolted into place are that kind of deterrent to all but the most determined (and capable) criminal.

In the case of your brother in law, I’d bet that there are additional circumstances such as the criminal knew it was there, had the right equipment torip itfree or it wasn’t as secure as your brother in law thought it was. It would be very unusual for a criminal to bring the equipment necessary to rip a bolted down safe free.

And if the AR 15 is the most commonly used guns among criminals, why do rifles in general (not semi auto rifles but ALL rifles) account for less than 2% of all gun related homicides per FBI data? You don’t know what you are talking about. Criminals prefer handguns because they are easy to conceal. mea culpa.

However, I’ve seen enough brain dead PHDs to state that having a degree doesn’t make you an expert. I have my safes installed in my shop and after they are installed I have reenforced walls built around them to number one hide them and number two make them nearly impossible to steal/open. The thief (I think one of the guys who installed it) used everything in my shop. Air hammer/ ove Toms Shoes Outlet rhead hoist system, you name what they needed it was right there. : )

Toms Shoes Outlet At least 31 killed in Kashmir

At least 31 killed in Kashmir bomb attack

Speith ends surprising streak at Players ChampionshipJordan Spieth’s remarkable scoring streak finally came to an end on Sunday, but the .Sherwood pulls fan from the stands to act as managerTim Sherwood surrendered his last five minutes in charge of S Toms Shoes Outlet purs this season to .Off the boil Laois do enough to win over CarlowLaois 1 22 Carlow 0 14 Laois gradually imposed themselves on Carlow to record their .01/10/2001 19:08:23Back to World HomeAt least 31 people have been killed in a car bomb attack on the main parliament building in the disputed Indian province of Kashmir.Two suspected Islamic militants hijacked a four wheel drive vehicle and drove it tow Toms Shoes Outlet ards the state legislature in Srinigar before detonating the bomb.After the blast, the militants stormed the parliament building and opened fire on staff members trapp Toms Shoes Outlet ed inside. Around 75 people were also injured in the attack, according to local police.The rebels attacked shortly after most of the Kashmir MPs had left a meeting inside the building.Dressed in police uniforms, they planted the car bomb before attacking the parliament with automati Toms Shoes Outlet c weapons and hand grenades.The gunbattle inside the building lasted for seven hours after the initial explosion.About 30 people were rescued from the building, but about 30 more, mainly secretaries the clerks, remained trapped inside.