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Toms Outlet Online As the new Bank of England chi

As the new Bank of England chief’s wife attacks them

Others worr Toms Outlet Online y about the plight of polar bears or the perils of rising sea levels.

But for Diana Fox Carney, an economist, green guru and wife of the new Governor of the Bank of England, the issue that gets her really, really hot under the collar is the humble tea bag.

‘Yes, they can be pretty, and convenient, but do we really need an extra 40 square cm of bleached and printed paper with every cup of tea?’ she writes on her blog, which reviews eco friendly products.

Her husband was hopefully too preoccupied with the huge challenges of his new job at Threadneedle Street which he started yesterday to worry unduly about the contents of the Bank of England tea urn.

But for those millions who adore the convenience of the tea bag, it was enough to make us choke on our Tetley’s.

So does Mrs Fox Carney have a point? And are tea bags really doing untold harm to the planet?


The tea bag was invented by accident more than 100 years ago by American merchant Thomas Sullivan, who decided to send samples of tea to customers in small silk pouches.

Some people were confused assuming that the bags were supposed to be dunked in hot water just like traditional metal tea infusers.

When Sullivan heard what they were doing, he spotted a gap in the market. Thus, serendipitously, the tea bag was born.

Environmental disaster?: Tea bags could be doing untold harm to the planet

At firs Toms Outlet Online t, there were complaints that the mesh of the bags was too fine, so he replaced the silk with gauze. And as tea bags entered mass production, cheaper paper was used instead.

At first, the British were reluctant to abandon loose leaf t Toms Outlet Online ea, but by the 1950s, when families were embracing new labour saving gadgets like never before, tea bags took off.

Bill Gorman, of the UK Tea Council, credits the tea bag with saving the tea industry. ‘We would not be drinking the volume of tea we do now without them,’ he says.

‘The UK is the second largest tea market per person in the world. Ireland is first. Without tea bags, the industry would be on its knees.’


Major brands such as PG Tips, Tetley and Typhoo no longer use wood pulp to make their paper, but a vegetable fibre derived from the abaca plant a relative of the banana grown mostly in Indonesia and South America. However, we certainly use a lot of it.

Enduring popularity: The UK is the second largest tea market in the world, and Ireland is the first

According to the Tea Council, the British drink around 60 billion cups of tea every year. Around 96 per cent of those are made with tea bags.

That means more than 55 billion tea bags are dunked, squeezed and tossed away each year in the UK alone.

It adds up to a lot of paper, particularly when so many tea bags are no longer rectangular the least wasteful design for a tea bag but round or pyramid shaped.

A PG Tips pyramid bag, for instance, is made from a rectangle of perforated filter paper approximately 70 square cm. A traditional square tea bag, on the other hand, uses around 50 square cm of paper.

So a tea lover who drinks five cups a day will get through 13 square metre of perforated paper each year.

A couple living with two teenage children could get through 50 square metre of tea bag paper each year.

It seems a lot, but not when put in perspective. According to a paper industry survey a few years ago, the typical Briton uses 80 to 90 rolls of loo paper each year.

Meanwhile, the 50 square metre of tea bag paper we use is the equivalent of only around two or three rolls of quality loo paper.

If you count all the paper, cardboard, packaging, papers and phon Toms Outlet Online e directories, the typical family uses the equivalent of six trees a year. The 50 sq m of thin bag paper pales in comparison.

Toms Outlet Online as the global outlook darkens

as the global outlook darkens further

Abating selling pressure on global markets allowed some Russian equities a slight rebound, in the absence of a clear lead from the energy sector. The RTS and Micex broke both side of the starting mark before more bad economic data from the United States p

Russian investors turning on their computers on Friday morning could have been forgiven for doing so with a degree of trepidation. After sizeable falls locally on Thursday, while they were dining the FTSE and Dow were both tanking, with an IMF warning of a protracted global slowdown turning crude and metals prices to mush. Rate cuts by the Bank of England and ECB, amongst others in Europe, appeared to have done little to encourage buyers to come out.

On Friday morning Tokyo and Sydney continued the trend with the Nikkei falling a further 3.5% and the ASX a further 2.3%, as the Hang Seng managed to close 3.2% on the upside on expectation the Chinese government may follow in the wake of the ECB and Bank of England with further rate cuts. crude and above the $57 BBL mark for Brent. markets. At its 18.00 close the RTS was down 2.17% at 760.62, with the Micex closing 45 minutes later up 3.62% at 725.93. As on Thursday, the additional 45 minutes trade on the Micex was significant this time for a strong closing rally.

Although the downward shift in crude prices encountered stiffening resistance at about $60BBL there seemed little incentive to push them higher off the mark, despite warnings from the IEA that crude prices can be expected to rebound from the current levels, over the longer term, when the global economy begins to recover. This led to the unusual sight, on the Russian indices, of the energy majors drifting, while other stocks made the running. At the end of the day on the Micex, GazpromNeft (up 2.02%), Lukoil (up 1.91%), and Novatek (up 7.6%) had managed to finish higher, while Rosneft (down 4.18%), and Gazprom (down 1.17%) were off the starting mark.

In the metals sector, a slight rebound in gold prices translated into a minor gain for Polyus Gold (up 0.95%), with Polymetal (up 3.69%) also higher and Norilsk Nickel (down 1.57%) easing further. Steelmakers NLMK (up 5.26%) and MMK (up 2.12%) also firmed while Severstal (down 1.34%) eased. In the broader resources sector coalminer Raspadskaya (up 1.3%) saw the light, while Uralkali closed more than 9% lower after the Government indicated it wanted to reopen inquiries into a mine Toms Outlet Online flooding at Berezniki in 2006 which has required the subsequent rerouting of train lines.

Telecoms had a generally positive day with Dalsvyaz (up 2.17%), Southern Telecom (up 3.35%), Center Telecom (up 6.63%), and North West Telecom (up 5.91%) all gaining, leaving SibirTelecom (down 11.36%) to deliver the downside.

Retailers Magnit (up 3.83%) and Dixy (up 3.85%) were offset by upmarket counterpart Sedmoi Kontinent (down 1.86%). Drink and dairy producer Wimm Bill Dann (up 2.32%) was offset by agricultural producer, Razgulay Toms Outlet Online (down 1.29%).

With financials, Sberbank (up 7.31%) left VTB (up 1.8%) again languishing in its wake, but both fared better than Bank Vozrozhdenie (down 6.57%). In other sectors, pharmaceutical Veropharm (up 7.74%) had a strong day, with beauty products maker Kalina (up 1.31%) also gaining.

Whilst this was unfolding in Moscow, European bourses found themselves moving higher almost despite the prevailing mood amidst investors. In London the FTSE 100 gained more than 2% with a late afternoon rise in crude prices providing upside for BP and Shell, while Russian focused Imperial energy jumped more than 20% after Russian market regulators approved its takeover by India ONGC. In Frankfurt the Dax added 2.5% with retailer Metro adding more th Toms Outlet Online an 7%. In Paris the Cac 40 also added 2.4% with foodmaker Danone gaining 6%.

In the United States more bad economic news didn deter buyers moving in. After being softened up with a warning from General Motors that it could run out of cash this year, while reporting a $2.5 Billion 3Q loss, to go with Fords unveiling of a $2.9 Billion 3Q loss in its core automotive operations, investors found themselves privy to employment data from the worlds largest economy showing that it had shed more than half a million jobs in the last 6 months and now has its worst employment figures since 1994. A collapse by GM has been estimated to potentially affect the employment of more than 2.5 million people in the United States. automotive industry, maybe its even the thought that things certainly cant get any worse, or maybe its bargain h Toms Outlet Online unting, but somehow investors found it within themselves to go out and buy. Maybe it was delirium. The Dow added 2.85% for the day with the Nasdaq gaining 2.4%. day (after the Russian markets had closed) with Alcoa up 8%. As would be expected of any company warning about its continued operational viability GM fell 9%. While its nice to have an upside for a day, the outlook is nothing but grim. Russian investors go can in with more trepidation next week.

Toms Outlet Online As The Diatomaceous Earth Turn

As The Diatomaceous Earth Turns

5. Is placing food in the DA an effective way at drawing nearby insects to their certain doom?DE’s potency should last indefinitely. It is most effective when dusted. You should always use food grade DE, preferably fresh water DE which is more potent with insects. A good brand if you can find it is Perma Guard. DO NOT use the diatomaceous earth that is made for swimming pools; swimming pool DE is toxic, especially to pets.

DE can be spread over the carpet and in the attic, puffed into walls, outlets and behind moldings. If you’re going to spread it yourself, make sure to use a respirator safety glasses and cover anything that might get scratched by it because it’s extremely abrasive. Also, get a super cheap vacuum c Toms Outlet Online leaner and use Arm Hammer hypo allergenic vacuum bags (Wal Mart) to clean it up since it won’t allow the DE to blow back into the environment. Food grade DE should be safe for ingestion even for pets, but you’d want to ask your vet for advice first before spraying it on the carpet if you have pets.

DE works with larger insects by lacerating their exoskeleton and drying them out. It usually takes a couple days to kill them once they’ve walked through it. DE will kill roaches and bed bugs, but it is not very effective with extremely tiny insects like D. Gallinae bird mites. For that, DuPont makes a super fine DE that isn’t available in the US called EcoMite.

Bating is not an effective method for using DE. Baiting does work extremely well with boric aci Toms Outlet Online d for roach and ant control. A good formula is mixing boric acid, Crisco, sugar and flour, rolling into small gol Toms Outlet Online f balls and placing them where pets can’t get to them. Boric acid is not very toxic (about as toxic as asp Toms Outlet Online irin) but can be toxic if a small animal or a baby eats enough of it.

If you’re battling bed bugs in your apartment, you’re going to need help. Bed bugs have become a plague, especially in apartments where they travel through the walls. I would recommend getting professional help with bed bugs, especially getting the landlord involved to control them in all surrounding apartments, as well as using natural controls like DE and enzyme cleaners. Boric acid isn’t effective with bed bugs. The most important thing to remember is DON’T use bug bombs with bed bugs! They will travel through the walls to get away from the toxic cloud and you’ll simply spread them around a building making eradication even more difficult. shellflour

Thanks for the info bdwilcox.

As a follow up, I had the usual Spring infestation of tiny ants in my apartment, so I took some DE and poured it out of a cup around the floor moldings where I saw the ants crawling. The ants disappeared in a day or two. Then, one morning I woke up with ants biting my arms. I took some DE and made a perimeter around and under my bed. This got rid of them quickly, but I ended up getting some on my bed, and I invariably tracked it all over since it was on the floor. In small doses on skin it seems to do no harm, so hopefully no biggie. The end result, though, is that the ants are gone (and the roaches, too).

On a side note, why can’t anyone agree on how DE works? Some people say it is sharp and scratches, some say its dry and causes anything it touches to become severely dry.