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One day Ibn Umar (RA) was sitting with the Prophet (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) in the masjid in Mina when a man from the Ansaar and a man from the Thaqeef came. They gave Salaam and said, “O Messenger of Allaah, we came to ask you questions.”

So the Messenger (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) said: “If you want I can inform you why you came and what you want to ask, and I will do so, and if you want I will hold back and you can ask me and I will answer you.”

The Messenger of Allaah(Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) said: “You came to me, to ask about leaving your house and aiming for the Bait ul Haraam and the reward for it; about praying two Rakah after Tawaaf and the reward for it; going between as Safa and Marwa and the reward for it; your staying the ev Toms Outlet Online ening in Mina, and the reward for Toms Outlet Online it; stoning the Jamarah and the reward for it; slaughtering Toms Outlet Online an animal and the reward for it; and the Tawaaf of al Ifaadh.”

The man said: “I swear by the One who sent you with the truth! This is what I came to ask you about.”

As for stoning the Jamaar (the pillars), then for every stone that you throw, it removes a big sin from the deadly sins.

As for your slaughtering, then it is saved for you with your Lord.

As for shaving your head, then there is a reward for every strand of hair that you shaved, and a sin is wiped off by it.

Hajre Aswaad, where tawaaf begins

As for you performing Tawaaf of the House after all this, then by this time you are performing Tawaaf with no sin upon you and an Angel comes and places his hand between your shoulders saying: “Perform good deeds in what you face of the future, for verily your past sins have been forgiven.” (at Tabarani and al Bazaar hasan by Al Albaanee in Saheeh al Targheeb wa Tarheeb’)

Subhaan Allaah! What a beautiful hadeeth!

And what good news for the pilgrims!

Rejoice and celebrate! Those of you going for Hajj this year! What more could you ask for?!!

Remember this hadeeth as you leave your homes for this honorable journey, whether it is by plane, ship, car or camel. Remember that Allaah will forgive your sins at each step you get closer to your destination and reward you at each step.

And remember this hadeeth as you circumambulate the Kaa and say your two rakaat during your Sa as you get tired on the Day of Arafah as you spread out your hands and ask for His Mercy and forgiveness this hadeeth and cry. Weep out of your fear of Him and beg Him to pardon you and to guide you to Jannah.

And as you stone the Jamaraat with the crowds, remember this hadeeth and thank Allaah Toms Outlet Online for this opportunity to have your major sins forgiven. And when you slaughteryouranimal and shave your head only for His sake, remember to thank Him and praise Him and glorify Him, for no one but Him Alone made all this possible for you.

And finally, as you make Tawaaf of al Ifaadhah this hadeeth and firmly resolve to be good, to fear Him, to be honest and upright follower of the Sunnah true Muslim in word and deed, not just by name. Promise Him that you will try your best to have taqwa and keep away from all that is haraam. And direct all praise and thanks to Allaah Alone who honored you by first inviting you to HisNoble House then enabled you to perform Hajj and then forgave you your sins. Alhamdulillaahi Rabb il Aalameen. Can we ever thank Allaah for His kindness and blessings?!!

And if you do all that, sincerelyfollowing the Sunnah,you will be forgiven, just as the Prophet (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) promised us. And your reward will be Jannah.

As for those of us who couldn go this year, make firm intention NOW, to go for Hajj next year. No, not in the near future. Next Year. That it. Don delay it. Make a promise to yourself and ask Allaah to make it happen. If you ask sincerely, He will surely make it come true.

For, how can one read this beautiful hadeeth and not want to take benefit from it?!!

How can one stand not to be the oneto whom this hadeeth applies?!!

How can one not be one of the Haajis??!!!

May Allaah enable all those of us who have not yet gone for Hajj to do so and may He accept all those who did go. Ameen.

As Alaikum Wa Wa the grace of Almighty Allah you shall soon be traveling for performing Hajj. Surely you shall take care of the sacredness of Harmain Shareefain (Makkah Al Mukarama and Madina Al Munawara). In this regard we request you to remove Musical Ring Tones from your mobile (Cellular) phones before departure and during Hajj try to keep your mobile phones on Vibrators/Silent. By this you shall be avoiding any disturbance to your worship as well as to the worships of other pilgrims and furthermore the sacredness of Harmain Shareefain shall not be harmed. We hope that you shall put heed to this request and shall convey this message to other pilgrims as well. May Allah Subhanawatallah accept your Hajj. Ameen

Toms Outlet Online As we were sayingAlmost co

As we were saying

Almost completely out of words except for the favourite one of old time journalists:That (30) was what was typed at the end of a reporter’s copy when it was handed in to the typesetter and meant: Done. (Lots of concepts in that little explanation which will perplex anyone under 40.)

London 2012 was great, but plenty long enoug Toms Outlet Online h thanks. You felt safe here and you felt welcome, and those two aren’t alway Toms Outlet Online s co habitants.

There’s usually a bittersweet echo on the last day of the Games,and you can hear it today: the sound of intense, but short term, concerns, geographical familiarity, relationships, all kinds of things, winding down.

Hopefully a year from now, a generation from now, Britons will still feel that it was worth it. I think they will. This city fell in love with itself again and the country fell in love with its capital again, when there was so recently so much self loathing. There is a physical legacy in the city’s east end that will be a constant reminder of Toms Outlet Online what can happen when all the cricketers are dressed in the same whites.

And the beauty of these Games was the way they radiated: the astounding soccer and sailing and other sports contested far away from London. And most beautifully, most Toms Outlet Online uniquely, in an oh so provincial way: the painting of one Royal Mail box gold in the town or borough or village from whence the gold medal winning athlete came. This is a country that believes in roots, sometimes smotheringingly, but this time touchingly.

Toms Outlet Online as Victorian Budget pumps bill

as Victorian Budget pumps billions into new infrastructure

The jewel in the crown for rural and regional Victoria will be the $220 mi Toms Outlet Online llion Murray Basin Rail Project, announced at the weekend.

The project will upgrade and ultimately standardise freight rail from Mildura to Geelong.

The Budget sets aside $35.4 million for the Victorian Government food into Asia action plan, designed to increase the volume and value of Victorian food exports to Asia.

A new Victorian Government Business Office will also be opened in Seoul, South Korea and $1.25 million allocated to allow for a Victorian stand at the Expo Milano next year.

decision to open a VGBO in Seoul reflects the importance the government attaches to Victoria relationship with South Korea and is evidence of ou Toms Outlet Online r commitment to the market, Trade Minister Louise Asher said.

VGBO in Seoul will capitalise on the Korean A Toms Outlet Online ustralia Free Trade Agreement, support new opportunities for Victorian companies and create a platform to build on Victoria sister city relationship with Busan, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Michael O said he saw food and agriculture as being great economic driver got a huge market there in Asia, they got a taste for our products and increasingly they got the money to pay top dollar for them and we want to make sure that we can get it in front of them and get it on to their tables, Mr O said.

More than $73 million in funding will help build stage 2a of the Latrobe Regional Hospital re Toms Outlet Online development and $14 million will be committed to a redevelopment of the Boort hospital, in a boost for regional health.

However there looks to be no money for the National Centre for Farmer Health which desperately needs funding for its survival.

The centre had its funding ripped from underneath it in 2012 and director Sue Brumby has been pleading with the State and Federal Government for funding.

The State has previously said it would invest if the Federal Government co funds the centre but the former Labor Commonwealth Government refused.

Western District locals will be hoping to see a funding commitment in the Federal Government Budget next week.

The Budget commits more than $100 million to upgrading rural and regional schools.

The major winners include:

Ballarat High School ($7.8 million)

Benalla High School ($5 million)

Korumburra Secondary College ($5.6 million)

Kyneton Secondary College ($5.3 million) and Kyneton Primary School ($3.5 million)

Timboon P 12 ($5.2 million)

Yarrawonga College P 12 ($7.6 million)

Other highlights for regional Victoria include:

$14 million to build a new Echuca Police Station

$30 million for a new Ballarat West Employment Zonemillion for the Shepparton courts precinct.

$362 million to duplicate 37km between Winchelsea and Colac on the Princes Hwy.

The Victorian Government has also committed to $8.5 $11 billion for a rail link from Southern Cross Station to the Melbourne Airport, $6 8 billion for the eastern section of East West Link and $8 $10 billion on the western section of the project.

Up to $850 million will also be spent on widening city link and a section of the Tullamarine Fwy.

The government announced yesterday it would sell Rural Finance Corporation and lease the Port of Melbourne to help pay for the major infrastructure projects.