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Toms Shoes Attempted murder case against

Attempted murder case against Boulder cop will go to trial

Apr 15:Ex Boulder cop Christian McCracken sentenced to 90 days jail, 10 years probation Feb 11:Ex Boulder cop Christian McCracken takes plea deal in attempted murder case Nov 26:Judge: Statements by ex Boulder cop Christian McCracken allowed at attempted murder trial Aug 24:Judge refuses to reduce sentence for Treven Hunter in assault of ex Boulder cop Aug 23:Ex Boulder cop charged with attempted murder opposes his assailant’s Toms Shoes early release Aug 16:Christian McCracken, charged with attempted murder, resigns from Boulder Police Department May 29:Boulder cop Christian McCracken, charged with attempted murder, working on plea deal May 11:Boulder cop Christian McCracken charged with attempted murder in stalking case May 10:Christian McCracken, Boulder cop facing attempted murder charge, re arrested on drug counts May 3:Treven Hunter sentenced to 2 years for assault on Boulder cop now facing charges May 1:Police: Boulder cop Christian McCracken threatened to kill ex girlfriend, 2nd dispatcher, self Aug 10:Boulder police: Man assaulted cop after refusing to pay $3 bar tabA judge ruled Thursday that prosecutors have enough evidence to proceed to trial in the case of a Boulder police officer accused of planning to murder his ex girlfriend’s new boyfriend.Five year Boulder police vetera Toms Shoes n Christian McCracken, 32, of Frederick, is charged with attempted first degree murder and felony stalking after police say he stalked his ex girlfriend, a Boulder police dispatcher, Toms Shoes and planned to kill her new boyfriend.At a preliminary hearing Thursday, Detective Sgt. Tom Trujillo testified how McCracken told his roommate, a fellow Boulder officer, about going by his former girlfriend’s Broomfield apartment April 26 and seeing her being intimate with a male Boulder dispatcher.McCracken told his roommate he wanted to kill the new boyfriend but said, “I would never do that,” Trujillo said.The roommate later found McCracken had gone to the Boulder police station and picked up his service pistol, Trujillo said. The roommate asked McCracken to give him the gun, which he did, along with ammunition, Trujillo said.McCracken told his roommate that his plan was to come up behind the man and shoot him in the head while his ex girlfriend watched, then go into the mountains and kill himself, Trujillo testified.The roommate drove McCracken to Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, where he voluntarily checked in for a mental health evaluation.Defense attorney Chris Griffin noted that McCracken had an assault rifle he kept at a separate residence that he co Toms Shoes uld have much more easily obtained if he wanted to kill the new boyfriend. He contended that simply picking up a gun from a police station did not mean McCracken had “taken a significant step” toward murdering the man.Boulder County Judge Norma Sierra ruled there’s enough evidence for the case to proceed to an arraignment hearing, scheduled for Aug. 3.McCracken had been on leave from the police department since August, when he suffered a serious head injury while attempting to arrest a suspect outside of The Sink on University Hill.

Toms Shoes Attempt to jam Russian satelli

Attempt to jam Russian satellites carried out from Western Ukraine comments

Jus t as usual, RT will not report that because it’s Putins mouth peace. RT always potry it self to be fair, balance and represent all opinion but in reality it’s the opposite full of hypocrisy.

they allow you to post here . so what are you complaining about? A JTRIG troll probably.

Wh en a spoilt child in a family misbehaves it is bad parenting to tell all children to behave. You need to isolate the trouble maker and put them in the spotlight.

America, it is the policy to blame one of the children for all the troubles of the family. In America, the ‘black sheep’ child is the poor the 47% who are ‘good for nothing’, ‘stupid’, don’t do their chores right, who are ‘lazy’, and who ‘think they are a princess’. It is much easier for the family if it can just blame all of its problems on that one child Toms Shoes . America does what is cheapest.

This is not surprising. I imagine “informed” Ukrainians will no doubt get flyers out to the masses in Kiev surrounding cities with bullet points about what has really happened in Kiev with the US led COUP, and hired snipers who killed both police and protestors, and the audio tapes their links. I imagine they will no doubt be very alert and careful in dropping bunches of flyers in neighborhoods, coffee shops, corners of major intersections, wherever people congregate. Toms Shoes Three to one wasn’t it? ( actually much more than that as the pro Putin rally was largely enforced while the anti Putin rally was spontaneous.)[/quote ]

It is pleasure to have someone so involved and informed. You must be know who ate what for breakfast, who had headache and who spontaneously or by force has been brought to protests? I s Toms Shoes ee here we have material for NSA. will have a precedent set by the Americans at some point since WW2. Pro American commenters here must have short, selective and/or uninformed memories. the US regime is nothing less than psychopathic.[/quote ]

You must understand trolls here are well informed about everything but sadistic part of them won’t get satisfied by truth and peace but just with smell of blood and serving who they consider higher beings.

andy studebaker 15.03.2014 17:47 Ukraine wants war with Russia. I think she will get what she wants. Then,

Ukraine can run whining to Nato and Washington, both of which

will be delighted for another round of Russia bashing, which may last decades.

rubbishdump09 15.03.2014 17:19 Correction, There is only one Ukrainian based internet newsfeed left in the Crimea as of today. Kind of helps the referendum, don’t you think?

is is the type of sour grapes comment we hear on news channels whever the US loses a sporting event. You should apply to one for work. You have the grumbling down pat.

Any Ukrainian who wishes, has the Toms Shoes entire internet at their disposal but you are hardly likely to find any floating voters at this stage. Everyone would have formed their opinion on the day the referendum was announced.

rubbishdump09 15.03.2014 17:48 I hope everybody has taken the time to do a head count of the anti Putin demonstrators versus the pro Putin demonstrators in Moscow yesterday

Crimea rally in central Moscow with 15,000 and the anti Referendum rally with 3,000. These are official police figures on both demonstrations. Both groups claim that their demonstrations were much larger.

What you should focus upon is that both rallies were able to be conducted without intimidation. This is not the situation in Eastern regions of Ukraine where protesters have been fired upon by fascist elements.

Toms Shoes Attempt To Impress Becky Lunde

Attempt To Impress Becky Lundegaard Undermined

HAMPTON, VA attempt by Brian Shuman, 12, to impress fellow seventh grader Becky Lundegaard, 13, met with spectacular failure Monday, when his school supplies and shoulder bag were forcibly seized, his sweater vest yanked over his head, and his face pressed into a row of lockers, witnesses reported.

Brian Shuman, the foiled would be suitor of Becky Lundegaard (inset).

According to the unpopular Shuman, known primarily among classmates at Hampton Middle School for his scholastic achievements and awkward social manner, he was “deliberately undermined by the uncalled for actions of an interloping usurper intent on humiliating me in a derogatory manner in front of Miss Lundegaard, thus ruining my chances with her in the foreseeable future.”

Shuman, who has long considered the elusive Lundegaard “really pretty,” has admired her from a distance since the fifth grade, but never spoke to her for more than a few minutes until three weeks ago, when he was randomly assigned to be her lab partner in fifth period Earth Science.

Sources close to the straight A student said the once in a lifetime opportunity to talk to Lundegaard in class laid the groundwork for Monday’s impression attempt, which was made shortly before lunch hour at a location near Lundegaard’s locker. Shuman approached and was about to strike up a conversation when the interloper, varsity wrestling champion Lance Pulaski, 13, arrived on the scene.

Pulaski lifted the comparatively slight Shuman off the floor by the back of his shirt before hurling the hapless would be suitor against a nearby wall. The popular student athlete offered no comment at the time of the incident other than laughter and a terse, mumbled issuance of the term “dorkass,” presumably aimed at Shuman. Pulaski then began an extended and reportedly friendly conversation with Lundegaard that lasted, according to hall monitor Gregg Nussbaum, “right up to the second five minute bell before the start of fourth period gym.”

According to an anonymous source who overheard Lundegaard talking about the incident by the bike racks later that day, Lundegaard described Pulaski as “cute,” though that report remains unconfirmed by either Lundegaard or those within her immediate circle of associates, including Jessica, Brianna, Ashley, Stephanie, Lisa, Jennifer, Sarah H., Sarah W., Tami, Michelle, Toms Shoes Nicole, and Christina.

When asked for comment on Shuman’s failed attempt, Lundegaard said, “Who? Look, I’ve got Michelle on the other line, and she’s going to tell me what Brittany Ryback said about Stacey Schwaba, so can this wait?”

Observers throughout the Hampton Middle School student body remain baffled as to what motivated Shuman to think he was in a position to approach Lundegaard in a social context in the first place.

“Becky Lundegaard is so out of Brian’s league,” said student council treasurer Iris Paulson. “How he could be smart enough to win the district Academic Decathlon but still not be able to figu Toms Shoes re that out is beyond me.”

The general consensus among students is that Shuman’s attempted overture was ill advised from the start. Spelling club insiders, however, said Shuman continues to insist that the failure was entirely the result of Pulaski’s intrusion and in no way due to any shortcoming on his part.

“Brian was going on and on about how last Friday, Becky was smiling at him when he explained how to measure a solvent’s concentration in a solution, and I was like, ‘Duh, Brian, that’s because she knew she’d get an easy A in the class if you did all the work for her,” said Shuman’s friend and debate team partner Bobby Gannett. “I mean, no doy. I put forth the proposition that he is suffering from a delusion of epic proportions.”

Gannett then began laughing in a snorting, wheezing manner before being silenced by a hail of spitwads.

“Despite the contrarian position taken by certain people I shall not name,” said Shuman, pausing to glare at Gannett from across the library, “I am more than convinced that Becky would’ve been delighted and charmed by the pyrex graduated cylinder I planned to show her that fateful day in the hall. I ordered it special online, and it is far more heat resistant than the substandard plastic beakers we are issued in class. Who wouldn’t be impressed by such an item?”

“Unfortunately,” Shuman continued, “Mr. Stupid Muscle Face Wrestle Head Lance Pul asshole ski sent the item in question flying when he pounded me into submission. Whereupon it shattered after landing a distance of at least 10 meters away. How am I supposed to impress her now?”

The incident is considered the worst failure to impress a Lundegaard at Hampton Middle School since 1988, when eighth grader Rodney Siefert purchased a pair of boat shoes in an attempt to impress Jennifer Lundegaard, then 14, Becky’s older cousin. The attempt turned tragic when Siefert made the sartorial blunder of wearing the boat shoes with socks, incurring the derision and scorn of his more fashion forward peers.

Though not confirmed as of press time, reports indicate that Pulaski may have gotten to first base, and possibly even second, with Lundegaard after last Friday’s spring dance. Population At 13,462

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